Strategic Direction

St. Ignatius Catholic School nurtures the spiritual, academic, social and personal development of every student within a caring, supportive and welcoming Catholic community

Strategic Direction

Mission Statement

Founded in 1971, St. Ignatius Catholic School nurtures the spiritual, academic, social and personal development of every student within a caring, supportive and welcoming Catholic community. Ultimately, St. Ignatius forms young persons who will go forth to transform the world for God’s greater glory.

Our Principles and Practices

  1. Proudly Catholic to foster spiritual growth
    • We accompany and guide our students to develop a loving and genuine relationship with Jesus. Students’ spiritual growth is an integral “link in the chain” of our students’ journeys; it is based on Catholic values, teachings, reverence, respect, and practices.
    • Students’ understanding of faith and spirituality is deepened through interactions with adults, religious education, liturgical services, retreats and reflection, collective worship, and opportunities to serve others.
  1. A caring and affirming educational environment
    • Positive, respectful, collaborative and affirming relationships are at the heart of our school and parish communities. They permeate all our relationships, interactions and learning opportunities.
    • The academic success, wellbeing and happiness of our students drive all our efforts. We aim to ensure that all students fulfil their potential.
    • Families and community members are warmly welcomed and valued; they are considered an integral part of the St. Ignatius extended family.
  1. Accessible to all
    • We thrive on our diversity; students benefit from an environment that celebrates the identity and cultural background of each individual, while preserving the unique heritage and culture of the Cayman Islands.
    • While striving to be accessible to the Cayman Islands Catholic community, students from all backgrounds and walks of life are welcomed, valued and respected.
    • We strive to ensure all students are successful in their schooling and to reduce barriers to learning to ensure equitable access to the curriculum.
  1. Commitment to excellence and ongoing improvement
    • We strive to ensure that all students benefit from consistent high-quality teaching, through the selection and retention of effective and experienced staff, focused professional development, research and the nurturing of professional learning communities.
    • We engage in ongoing, systematic and rigorous self-evaluation; challenging ourselves and each other to ensure continuous improvement.
  1. Enriching and stimulating curriculum
    • We provide a broad, balanced, responsive and relevant curriculum that enriches and stimulates learning and addresses students’ interests and needs.
    • Students are able to pursue their interests through their curricular choices, extra-curricular activities and bespoke support. 
  1. Learning for the real world
    • We prepare our students to be global citizens in a rapidly-changing and technology-driven world; ensuring they develop digital and entrepreneurial skills, and dispositions for lifelong learning.
    • We ensure that students are empowered to experience a sense of agency in their lives and in their learning; ensuring they take increasing responsibility for their choices as they progress through school.
    • Our students benefit from ongoing opportunities and interactions that help them develop their leadership skills, with a particular focus on contribution, confidence, empathy, resilience and kindness. 

Our Strategic Intents

  1. Catholic Identity
  • Provide authentic and age-appropriate opportunities for students to develop a loving and genuine relationship with Jesus, develop their Catholic identity and experience positive spiritual growth and wellbeing.
  1. Extended Learning
  • Extend all students’ learning beyond expectations through challenging and outstanding curriculum development, teaching and assessment practices.
  1. Global Citizenship
  • Intentionally and progressively provide authentic opportunities for all students to experience and develop agency, resilience, ecological awareness and learning skills (including digital, leadership, and entrepreneurial) to become global citizens of an ever-changing world.
  1. Removing barriers to learning
  • Enable students with additional learning needs to successfully access learning at all stages of schooling and benefit from an appropriate curriculum that leads to exit qualifications; thus empowering them to be contributing citizens of the Cayman Islands.
  1. Sustainable Development
  • Ensure ongoing development and improvement of governance, leadership, teaching and support staff to ensure excellence and sustainable growth.