Primary Religious Education

Cornerstone of our educational philosophy

Welcome to Religious Education

Religious Education at St. Ignatius Catholic school is at the heart of our curriculum. Rooted in the rich traditions of the Catholic faith, it provides students with a sound understanding of moral values, spirituality, and a strong connection to God. Our curriculum goes beyond the theoretical, emphasizing practical applications of faith in daily life, fostering compassion and a sense of responsibility towards others. We explore the teachings of the Church and the life of Jesus, instilling a sense of love, service, and community.

The curriculum offer itself is supported by Liturgical provision, including a weekly Mass attended by students and staff, services, and opportunities for the sacraments throughout the liturgical year. Catholic Students are supported by St. Ignatius Church with their Sunday School, helping children in their faith development and sacramental preparation. 

The values of the Gospel underpin all of the work that we do. 

This holistic approach to RE equips our students to grow spiritually and become conscientious, empathetic individuals.