Welcome to St Ignatius Catholic School, Cayman Islands

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Student Leadership

Prefects 2022-2023:

We would like to say a huge congratulations to our three Head Prefects, who excelled in their interviews and were successfully chosen to represent the school for this very prestigious role:

  • Head Prefect Deidre Edwards is studying 4 A Levels in Business Studies, Computer Science,Mathematics and Travel and Tourism.
  • Head Prefect Alexander Rhule is studying 4 A Levels in Accounting, Computer Science,Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
  • Head Prefect Harrisen Richards is studying 5 A Levels in Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics.

Congratulations also goes to our Deputy Head Prefects who will assist the Head Prefects with their duties and responsibilities whilst also leading their own teams:

  • Deputy Head Prefects for Liturgy and Charity: Alisha Kee, Louie Ch'ng, Yazmyn Garcia
  • Deputy Head Prefects for the Well-being committee: Ashleigh Robinson, Xairia Robinson-Fernandes, Zoe Scott
  • Deputy Head Prefects for Mentoring: Ashleigh Dalton, Jenna McLaughlin, Jorian Neblett
  • Deputy Head Prefects for the Environmental committee: Adelaide Walton, Aidan Montana

These students have various responsibilities, including: arranging hospitality at parent evenings, acting as role models and mentors for younger children, assisting staff with supervision around campus, charitable fundraising, and representing the school in various community events. Congratulations to all!

STEM Mentors 2021-2022

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to be STEM mentors this year. The role of a STEM mentor is a prestigious role in our school as these students provide invaluable help to our younger students by guiding and helping them succeed in the STEM subjects.

Greta Ecke, Kendra Harrison, Gabriella Murray, Linda Mukarakate, Michael Marzouca, Sahil Joyti, Anjia Delapenha, Chad Owens, Ruby Pileta, Leila Maw, Charles Henderson.

Upper School (Years 10-13) Student Council:

The upper school student council officers for the 2021-2022 school year are TBA.

Lower School (Years 7-9) Student Council:

The lower school student council officers for the 2021-2022 school year are TBA.


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