Welcome to St Ignatius Catholic School, Cayman Islands

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Student Leadership

Head Prefects 2019-2020:

Samruddhi Tagalpallewar and Justine Rhule

Deputy Head Prefects:

Liturgy and Service: Martina Watler

Mentoring and Homework Club: Sarah Harrison and Natalie Lawton-Smith

Hospitality: Kelsi Persad and Danielle Seales

Social Committee: Cleo-Rose Baulk and Arnold Berry

Environmental Committee: Madeleine Cronier

Charitable Fundraising: Daniella Gourzong and Alle Sobrejuanite

The following will serve as Prefects:

Liturgy and Service: Joshua Weaver and Anna Cayasso

Mentoring and Homework Club: Phillip Mathura, Valentina Bustos, Nilakni Jayasekera, Gabriel McDermot, Diandra Whittaker, Oliver Vincent

Hospitality: Xoe Bullings, Jhevere Harris, Kiron Dunn, Liam Bulgin, Isabella Powery, Diamond Chambers

Social Committee: Jordanne Saunders and Nazia Jacques

Environmental Committee: Aliyah Myers and Dena'e Alexander

Charitable Fundraising: Emily McIntyre, Asya Ebanks, Summer Phillips

These students have various responsibilities, including: arranging hospitality at parent evenings, acting as role models and mentors for younger children, assisting staff with supervision around campus, charitable fundraising, and representing the school in various community events. Congratulations to all!

Staff Advisors: Mrs. Goodwin and Mr. MacLeod

Upper School (Years 10-13) Student Council:

The upper school student council officers for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Giselle Ebanks (Chairperson), Samruddhi Tagalpallewar (Vice Chair), Justine Rhule (Secretary), and Shankar Paulraj (Public Relations Officer).

The upper school student council tutor representatives for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Cerys Martin (10X), Jayden Miller (10Y), Kieran Finch (10Z), Nilakni Jayasekera (11X), Jonah Sigsworth (11Y), Anna Cayasso (11Z), Josiah Ursua (12X), Martina Watler (12Y), Alison Jackson (12Z), Shannon Azavedo (13X), Marylee Brown (13Y), and Faye Lockwood (13Z).

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Suzanne Goodwin

Lower School (Years 7-9) Student Council:

The lower school student council officers for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Adelaide Walton (Chairperson), John Lund (Vice-Chair), Gabriela Murray (Secretary), Kayla Turner (Communications Director), and Melia Verma (Asst. Communications Director).

The lower school student council representatives for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Sophia Villarin (7X), Tyler Dunn (7Y), Rio Windsor (7Z), Caroline Duggan (8X), Jon-Paul Miller (8Y), Cornelia Ecke (8Z), Karthik Adapa (9X), Louise De Jesus (9Y), and Sadie Solomon (9Z).

Staff Advisor: Miss Loren Cooper


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