Welcome to St Ignatius Catholic School, Cayman Islands

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HOURS:  The library is open for students from 7:15-7:40 Mondays and Wednesdays, and 7:15-7:55 Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Students may also use the library during break time and lunch time. The first ½ hour of lunch time is for the secondary students and the second ½ hour is for primary students. Students can use the library for reading, to borrow books, to do research, and to use the computers. The Library is open for quiet study after school until 4pm for High School students. Year 6 students may also study in the library after school if their parents sign them up ahead of time.

PRIMARY (Nursery to Year 6) In this section we have picture books, fiction books and non-fiction books for a large range of interest levels and reading abilities. Our youngest students have a library time weekly. Years 2-6 have a library time bi-weekly. Teachers may also schedule additional times at the library if needed for research.

SECONDARY (Years 7-13) In this section we have fiction books and nonfiction books as well. We also have a section with study guides, career information and higher education information for the upper school. Secondary students can use the library for reading, to borrow books, research, games, and to use the computers. In addition, the secondary students are welcome to use the library to do work at any time.

SCHOLASTIC BOOKS The library also organized Scholastic book orders. Scholastic offers a large variety of books at affordable prices. By organizing the book orders we get a continuous supply of new books for our library. Scholastic book orders are sent out five times a year. Prep students receive the order forms form their teachers. High side students receive an announcement to collect order forms from the library when we are ready to place an order. Scholastic books usually arrive within two weeks of ordering.

ST. IGNATIUS COLLECTION  To access our Library catalogue click here DESTINY, to see recently added titles.  On DESTINY you can search for titles and read summaries for books of interest.  You can also access our collection of ebooks.  High school students can also access DESTINY on their lap top computers through the I-SITE platform.  The DESTINY link is located under the ‘classroom’ heading.

DONATIONS The library always welcomes donations of both old and new books! Feel free to drop off any donations at the library.

QUESTIONS OR FURTHER INFORMATON For further enquires, please speak to our librarian, Ms Allison Taylor.

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