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Wednesday 12 October 2022
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To enter university in the United States it is usually necessary for students to take either the SAT Test or the ACT test.

The SAT is a test that focuses on English,Mathematics and Reading and gauges a student's ability to understand and analyse written material, draw inferences, differentiate shades of meaning, draw conclusions and solve math problems.

These are all skills needed for success in university.

In preparation for these tests, St. Ignatius offers the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) in October every year.

The PSAT is purely for practice and the scores do not count towards anything (except if the student is a US citizen, he/she can be entered into a competition for scholarships from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation in their penultimate year of high school).

The benefit of the PSAT is that students receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and see comparisons with others in their age group.

Students in Year 10, 11or 12 can take the PSAT, but it is best suited for Year 11 due to the level of Maths required.

The PSAT test will take place at School on Wednesday, October 12th during school time. Students taking the test will be given preparation material as well as mini-lessons at lunch/after school starting the week of September 12th.

We have only 15 places for students interested in taking the PSAT, on a first come first serve basis with priority given to Year 11.

Registration for the PSAT is CI$30 and payment can be made at the Bursar's office.   

Materials will then be provided by Mrs Artuch.

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