Home School Association

We promote charitable, educational, and social activities for the benefit of the students, parents, guardians and teachers of the School.


The St. Ignatius Home School Association (HSA) is a Non-profit organization that aims to foster collaboration and communication between parents, teachers, and school administrators. We promote charitable, educational, and social activities for the benefit of the students, parents, guardians and teachers of the School.

Some of the objectives of our HSA are:

  • To provide parent education on topics such as child development, academic skills, health and wellness, and family values.
  • To unite the home, the school, and the church in our efforts to provide a holistic and faith-based education for the children.
  • To promote cooperation between parents and teachers in the educational process and to facilitate feedback and suggestions.
  • To give guidance for establishing a positive and nurturing home environment where children can learn and grow.
  • To organize fundraising events, social gatherings, volunteer opportunities, and programs connecting our school to the community

Key Events

The St Ignatius HSA is the link between home and school – it includes everybody. We want to help the school to give our children the best possible start in life. We do this by organising community events that are fun for the children, staff, parents, and carers. Events range from hosting Parent Information Evenings, supporting school events, such as the annual drama production, supporting Staff Wellbeing, Charleston Wrap Fundraising Campaign, Graduation, Prom, and not to forget our Annual Spring Fling! We also run our school Uniform shop which is open every Tuesday between 7:30-8:30 and after school between 2:30-3:30.

Our fundraising has enhanced many provisions at our school. We have recently supported the purchasing of some EYFS outdoor climbing equipment and tablets. Last year our fundraising was focused on raising money for a new Library for our children. We raised an amazing amount of $22,000!  Our new library is going to be a fantastic addition to our children’s learning experience at our school.

Key People

Our HSA is made up of parents from both our Primary and Secondary school. We have teacher representation from both Primary and Secondary school that volunteer their time to ensure teacher input is provided. The team meets every month to organize upcoming events and support school initiatives.

St Ignatius is very fortunate for the parents and teachers volunteering their time for our school. We encourage any new parents and family members of our school to join the HSA. If you have an interest, we would love to have you join our team – please email hsa@st-ignatius.com for more information.

Our HSA Exec team currently consists of:

Parent Representatives

  • Denize Solomon, Chair
  • Alasdair Henderson, Vice Chair
  • Annabelle dela Cruz Ting, Treasurer
  • Priscilla Maragh, Assistant Treasurer
  • Kimberly Kirkconnell, Secretary
  • Kelly Williams, Communications Officer
  • Natacha Henderson, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Clayton Garwood, Parent Representative

Staff Volunteers

  • Eva Moroney (Primary)
  • Catherine Marron (Primary & Secondary)
  • Sabrina Mathura (Primary)
  • Sarah James (Secondary)

How can you help?

We love having parents involved in any of the projects we carry out, and love even new ideas.  Join our executive meetings and let us know what ideas you have to continue promoting the link between our home and school community for our children.

Look out for our regular updates in the weekly Parent Bulletin and please come along and support our events throughout the school year!

Many Thanks for your continued support,

St Ignatius Home School Association

Listing of what we’ve supported in our past:

  • Donation to the new Sports Hall
  • Sports Day Refreshments
  • Primary gardening projects
  • Secondary science projects
  • World teacher Appreciation
  • Spring Fling & Prize Draw
  • Meet the Principal meetings
  • Parent Evening Information Sessions
  • High School Graduation Community Awards
  • Teacher Retirement events and gifts
  • High School Prom
  • Teacher Events
  • End of term treats