Faith Life

Our Faith Life program is designed to create a warm and inviting environment where students and staff come together as a Catholic community, fostering unity and a sense of belonging.


At St. Ignatius Catholic School, we believe that a strong spiritual foundation is essential for our students’ growth and development. Our Faith Life program is designed to create a warm and inviting environment where students and staff come together as a community, fostering unity and a sense of belonging. Here’s a glimpse into the rich tapestry of our spiritual life.

Daily Morning Prayer: A Spiritual Beginning

Every day, we begin our journey with Daily Morning Prayer. It’s more than just a ritual; it’s a collective act of worship that sets the spiritual tone for the day. This time together encourages reflection, gratitude, and seeking guidance from God. Morning prayer aligns our thoughts and actions with moral values, nurturing our spiritual growth. It’s a peaceful and centered start that promotes a positive mindset, creating an environment perfect for learning and personal development.

Enriching Liturgical Events

Throughout the year, our school hosts meaningful liturgical events that deepen our students’ understanding of the Catholic faith. These events, including Mass, sacraments, and special ceremonies during Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, allow students to experience the richness of our faith and its traditions. The sacrament of reconciliation plays a pivotal role, encouraging students to take responsibility for their actions and experience spiritual healing.

Weekly Student-Led Mass: A Source of Joy

Our commitment to the faith is evident in our weekly Student-Led Masses. Each week, a different tutor group takes the lead, creating an atmosphere of active participation. These Masses are enhanced by the talents of our student musicians and the support of student Eucharistic Ministers. Gathering weekly fosters unity, faith, and joy, nourishing spiritual development and a sense of belonging within our community.

Compassion Through Charity Initiatives

We believe in the importance of giving back. Our students actively participate in charitable initiatives throughout the year. During Advent, they come together to prepare Christmas Hampers for those less fortunate in our community. This heartwarming activity cultivates empathy and encourages active service. Our students also generously donate their time and resources to support the CRS Rice Bowl Appeal and Parish Food Pantry, organizing fundraising events and creative activities. These efforts culminate in spirited staff vs. student football matches, where everyone contributes towards the charity. Through these initiatives, our students develop compassion, social responsibility, and teamwork, making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Student Faith Groups 

Led by our Sixth Formers, primary teachers, and supported by the Head of Religious Education, our student faith groups meet regularly to foster a sense of spiritual growth, community, and service within the school.

Retreats: A Spiritual Journey

Our annual one-day retreats, facilitated by our Subject Leader of Religious Education, provide a profound opportunity for reflection. Students from all year groups come together, guided by our Religious Education Department, tutors, and pastoral leaders. These retreats focus on the significance of Christ in our lives, the principles and values that guide us, and the Gospel Values we promote within our school community. Retreats feature icebreakers for students to connect, fostering teamwork and communication skills. They also include prayer, reflection, a shared meal, and a closing ceremony.

Staff Catholic ethos development retreats offer a valuable opportunity for all staff to understand better their role as a teacher or support staff in a Catholic School. These retreats aim to enhance the skills and knowledge of the staff, fostering a positive impact on student’s learning experiences. They are also meant to promote opportunities for self-reflection and spiritual development.