Drama is a vibrant stage for creative expression, honing performance skills, and exploring theatrical genres.

Welcome to Drama

Drama is a vibrant stage for creative expression, honing performance skills, and exploring theatrical genres. Students progress from Primary, mastering presentation, character development, and design. They command the stage with confidence and delve into the technical aspects of theater, fostering a well-rounded understanding.

Key Stage 3 & 4:

In Key Stage Three, students delve into the rich tapestry of theater, exploring genres such as ‘Theatre In Education,’ ‘Docudrama,’ and ‘Greek Theatre.’ They master the art of crafting drama through film-making, improvisation, devising, and scriptwriting, all while refining their performance skills. Drama takes on a purposeful dimension as students engage with younger peers in compelling projects. Scripted pieces like “Blood Brothers,” “100,” and “Antigone” challenge their acting and analytical abilities.

While exploring the design elements, students gain insights into the technical facets of theater production, fostering a well-rounded understanding of the dramatic arts.

GCSE Drama:

In Year 10, GCSE Drama students embark on an exciting journey, devising a school video project and delving into the set text “Tuesday” by Alison Carr, which forms the basis of their written examination (40% of GCSE, taken in the second year). They also engage in assessed devised performances, either as performers or designers, accompanied by written coursework (40% of GCSE).
Year 11 sees the continuation of the set text study, culminating in a summer written examination (40% of GCSE). Additionally, students participate in assessed scripted performances, further enhancing their practical skills (20% of GCSE).


St Ignatius Secondary School we offer LAMDA Acting Graded Exams—an avenue for our students to explore creativity and hone essential communication skills. Beyond achieving an impressive 90% Distinction rate, this dynamic pursuit fosters self-expression and confidence. At St Ignatius, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals, and LAMDA provides the stage for our students to shine not only as performers but as confident communicators in all aspects of life. It’s more than an exam; it’s an exciting journey of personal and artistic growth.

Performance Opportunities:

Our Drama program provides various opportunities for students to shine on stage. The annual school show is a highlight, allowing students to demonstrate their skills and talents to a captivated audience. Additionally, our summer showcases offer a platform for students to showcase their growth and creativity, providing a perfect culmination to their drama journey at our school. These performances not only foster self-confidence but also create lasting memories and a sense of achievement.

Sixth Form Drama

A Level Drama:

In Year 12, A Level Drama students immerse themselves in Arthur Miller’s compelling play, “A View from the Bridge,” preparing for a written examination. They also embark on a scripted adaptation of a play of their choice, showcasing their creative prowess, design expertise, and refined performance skills.

Year 13 brings a deeper exploration of dramatic literature with two set texts: “A Day in The Death of Joe Egg” by Peter Nicholas and “The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning” by Tim Price, leading to a written examination. Students also present two performances, one devised and the other scripted, drawing on their comprehensive understanding of drama, technical prowess, and insights from practitioners in the field.

For more details about our vibrant extracurricular opportunities and how they complement performance skills and design, please visit the @Performing Arts Page on our website. Explore the world of drama with us, where creativity knows no bounds, and the stage is set for boundless possibilities