🚒🌊 Nursery Sets Sail on the Nautilus! 🐠

Last Friday, Nursery embarked on their second school trip aboard the Nautilus boat, and what an adventure it was! The children were bubbling over with excitement as they boarded the school bus bound for George Town, eagerly anticipating the day ahead.

As they cruised through the sparkling waters, the children’s eyes widened with wonder at the sight of a diverse array of marine life. From the charming Puffer Fish to the colorful Parrot fish and majestic Tarpon, each underwater encounter was met with gasps of delight.

Their journey took us to the fascinating sites of two different shipwrecks, The Balboa and The Cali, where the children gazed in awe at the remnants of these maritime relics resting on the ocean floor. And of course, the highlight of the day was their visit to the renowned Cheeseburger Reef, where Captain Denis treated us to a captivating underwater feeding frenzy, delighting in the antics of the Bermuda Chubs and Sergeant Major fish.

A heartfelt thank you to Captain Denis and our knowledgeable guide, Brandon, for orchestrating such an unforgettable voyage. The children returned brimming with stories of their maritime escapades, their hearts and minds filled with the wonders of the sea. Here’s to many more adventures on the high seas! βš“πŸŸ #NurseryNautilusAdventure #ExploringUnderTheSea

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