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School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board (SAB) was formerly known as the Board of Governors.  The SAB comprises a minimum of eight elected members including a Chairman who is appointed by the Archbishop of the Diocese. The majority of elected members are practising Catholics who bring to the SAB an expert knowledge-base in a variety of fields such as Law, Education, Accounting, or Construction. A parent from both the Prep and High schools, the Head of School, and members of the Home School Association and Parish Council also sit on the SAB.

As an advisory body meeting at least once a month, the SAB oversees the management decisions of the school. Operating under a set of By Laws, duties include advising the Head of School on matters pertaining to conduct, supervision and the efficient management of the school; approving regulations and appointments; ensuring compliance with the School’s Inspectorate Report and the Education Law of the Cayman Islands; and promoting the total growth and development of students.

The School Advisory Board members for the 2016-2017 school year are as follows:

Name Title
Father Suresh, SAC Pastor, SAB Member
Dara Keogh SAB Chairperson
Gordon Rajamohan SAB Member - Finance Advisor
Julian Reddyhough SAB Member - Legal Advisor
Justin Okoli SAB Member - H.S.A. Chairperson
Edward Todd SAB Member - Education Representative
Jason Steele SAB Member - Secretary
Dubadah Boldeau SAB Member - Facilities
Claudia Ecke SAB Member
Jordana Clarke SAB Member
Bell Everton SAB Member - IT


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