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Student Leadership

Prefects 2016-2017

Head Boys and Girls:
Finley McDougall - Head Boy
Mariah McIntyre - Head Girl
Jake Bennett - Deputy Head Boy
Janessa Prendergast - Deputy Head Girl
The following will serve as prefects:
Mentoring and Homework Club: Michael Watler, Paulann McLean, Joseph Marzouca, Shaniah Kelly, Marysia Cyfko, Jayde Solomon, Hannah Wood, Brandon Saunders, Carwyn Carter, Rajiv Jaggernath, Sean Guitard, Alyssa Cayasso
Hospitality, Duties and Student Council: Janessa Prendergast, Jake Bennett, Angelica Dodds, Danielle Chambers, Rohanna Finch, David Airey-Franco, Tyrese Ebanks
Charity: Tameka Cox, Matteo Polloni, Lacee Barnes, Tia Richards, Jayda Rae-Smith, Aquinnah Ebanks, Courtney Thomas, Grace Christian-Welcome, Enrique McCoy
Liturgy and Service: Daniel Jackson, Daniela Granados, Bianca Meghoo, Chezarie Henry

These students have various responsibilities, including: arranging hospitality at parent evenings, acting as role models and mentors for younger children, assisting staff with supervision around campus, charitable fundraising, and representing the school in various community events.

Student Leadership

House Captains


St. Matthew:

House Captains – Tameka Cox, Mariah McIntyre, Sarah Jackson, Azuka Obi

Deputy Captains – Zara Garofalo, Liam Chisholm

St. Mark:

House Captains – Getta Hoptroff, Taylor Parchment, Jackson Wight, Callum Theaker

Deputy Captains – Summer Phillips, Hayden Packer

St. Luke:

House Captains – Joshua Hubbell, Dearja Tulloch, Giselle Ebanks

Deputy Captains – Nazia Jacques, Kiefer Ebanks, Chad Owens

St. John:

House Captains – Lacee Barnes, Angelica Dodds, Aaron Fernandes, Viktoriya Bolgova, Justine Rhule

Deputy Captains – Asya Ebanks


Key Club and Builder's Club
The Key Club offers upper school students (Years 10-13) the opportunity to participate in service projects and fundraisers throughout the year, with some students traveling to the annual convention in the USA. Key Club meetings are normally held during lunch time. Key Club is under the auspices of the local Kiwanis service club.

Key Club officers for the 2016-2017 academic year:
  • President - Sarah Jackson
  • Vice President - Elijah Samson
  • Secretary - Viktoriya Bolgova
  • Treasurer - Laura Murphy
  • Editor - Amara Duncan
  • Staff Advisor - Janet Wallis
Students in Years 7-9 can join Builder's Club, which is a stepping stone to Key Club.
Builder's Club officers for the 2016-2017 academic year:
  • President - Asya Ebanks
  • Vice President - Diandra Whittaker
  • Secretary - Emily McIntyre
  • Treasurer - Jordanne Saunders
  • Editor - Nazia Jacques
  • Staff Advisor - Suzanne Goodwin
For further information on Key Club or Builders Club 2016-2017, contact
Student Council (Years 10-13)
The upper school student council officers for the 2016-2017 school year are:
Elijah Samson (Chairperson), Amara Duncan (Vice Chair), Samruddhi Tagalpallewar (Secretary), Cleo-Rose Baulk (Vice Secretary)
The upper school student council representatives for the 2016-2017 school year are:
Justine Rhule (10X), Jennifer Aguilera (10Y), Brianna DaCosta (10Z), Shannon Azavedo (11X), Sharon Roy (11Y), Mikayla Montana (11Z), Tia Richards, Sean Guitard, Brandon Saunders and Michael Webb (12X), Aquinnah Ebanks, Danielle Chambers and Christina Kozaily (12Y), Tameka Cox and Daniela Grandados (13X) and Halle Manderson and Aliyha Nelson (13Y)
Staff Advisor:
Mrs. Suzanne Goodwin
Student Council (Years 7-9)
The lower school student council officers for the 2016-2017 school year are:

Jordanne Saunders (Chairperson), Sahil Jyoti (Vice-Chair), Nazia Jacques (Secretary), Kiron Dunn (Upper School Liaison Officer). 

The class representatives are: 
Adelaide Walton (7X), John Fleming (7Y), Alek van Dam (7Z),
Liam Walton (8X), Kendra Harrison and Alex Havlin (8Y), Sami-Lynne Bulgin (8Z),
Asya Ebanks (9X), Trey Rivers (9Y), Jamie-Kae Smith (9Z).
Staff Advisor:
Ms. Bernadette Devlin


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